Business and IT transformation

Results-based approach
Analysis tailored to your business
Reduce IT costs and increase competitiveness
We combine our expertise in the travel industry with our consulting and IT industry knowledge. Our consultants are ready to work with you in the following areas:
Business & IT transformation
• Business & product development
• IT solutions benchmarks
• Call for tenders & project management
• Aircraft leasing & purchase
• Catering
• Maintenance Engineering
Aviation recrutment
& training
• Pilots, Crew
• Travel Agents
• Ground Agents
• Catering
Passenger revenue accounting
• Business Process set up, review and outsourcing
• Organizational structure optimization
• Configuration setup: SPAs, chart of account
• Interline agreements audit and optimization
• Accounting control set up and audit
Pricing and revenue management
• Pricing and revenue management processes and organization
• Pricing structure optimization
• Pricing and revenue management strategy
• Fare class realignment
• Revenue integrity
• Fare family/branded fares development
• Migration to O&D revenue management
• Alliance and interline pricing
Sales and distribution
• Frequent flyer program
• Airline alliance assistance
• Distribution strategy development and cost analysis
• Merchandising
• Ecommerce strategy, performance and marketing
• Booking engines optimization
• Inspirational flight search
• Sales assessment and performance improvement
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